BOGD Cashmere works in combination with unique, traditional Mongolian techniques and modern technological solutions in order to create luxurious and superior quality cashmere garments.  

BOGD intends to build a Mongolian cashmere community by introducing its unique designs to cashmere lovers all over the world. Our N.O.W strategy has been thoughtfully designed and implemented to ensure the most valuable people are at the forefront of everything we do. 

Nomadic Life

Our training center in Mongolia aims to provide training and seminars for the Mongolian wool and cashmere industry, including herders and producers, to support the education of workers, increase incomes, and contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry as a whole.

Operation Process

To process our world-class raw material, we commissioned a fully automated knitwear factory in 2019, equipped with 14GG, 12GG, and 7GG knitting machines. The factory alone provided jobs to over 100 people from vulnerable families, also supporting female run households with home-owning opportunities and aiding the communities we source our cashmere from.

World Matters

Our company has installed a renewable energy system at its knitting factory to encourage an environmentally conscious workplace. From the money we’ve saved by using solar-powered energy, we have been able to put more funding and focus into improving workplace conditions and caring for our employees. For every transaction we also promise to plant one tree and vaccinate one goat.