The Sustainable Fiber Alliance (SFA) is a non-profit international organization that promotes local sustainability standards for cashmere producers. Their goals are to restore grasslands and support the complex supply chain of cashmere, from herders to retailers, in a way that protects the environment. 

In June 2020, Khanbogd Cashmere commissioned an extensive evaluation of our cashmere products by the SFA. We received an 82% rating which garnered Khanbogd Cashmere a Silver Award Certification, becoming the first sustainable fiber company in Mongolia to receive this level of rating. 

In 2021, Khanbogd became the first Mongolian cashmere processing company ever to receive an SFA Gold Award Certification. We have exceeded international standards for sustainable production, labor protections, ecological stewardship and social responsibility. As a result of this certification, we have considerably enhanced our profile in foreign markets, becoming recognised as a reliable manufacturer of sustainable premium products within the international cashmere community.

Sustainable Cashmere

We believe our unique cashmere brings a spiritual warmth to its wearers, allowing them to experience the world more authentically and in ultimate comfort. This sentiment is articulated in our forward fashion design – our ultimate goal is to develop an individual orientation that is not bound by limits or borders.

Our factory laboratory performs a complete analysis on cashmere qualityduring the primary dehairing process in accordance with MNS ISO. We transfer samples to laboratories where they undergo testing to ensure they meet the European Union’s stringentquality control standards.

Khanbogd testing laboratory operates 24 hours aday, adhering to the following lab standards such as ISO 9001, ISO/IEC17025, and ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification.