Khanbogd now have over 400 employees, and the Company has expanded its production capacity so that it can process over 1,000 tons of sustainable dehaired cashmere and 100,000 pieces of garments annually.  

In April of 2019, we built a new 7000-square meter knitting and dehairing plant which is equipped with modern machinery imported from Italy, Japan and Germany.  

In 2019 we commissioned a fully automated knitwear factory, equipped with 14GG, 12GG and 7GG knitting machines, where we process our raw material and bring our designs to life. Throughout our collections, we aim to convey the true beauty of cashmere by offering personal and unique creations of superior quality.

As part of our cooperative agreement with World Vision, Khanbogd offered to provide training for cashmere cleaning, dehairing and knitwear manufacturing free of charge. We also offered a paid internship at the factory and provided jobs to 100 people aged 18-40 from vulnerable families. 

Our company is predominantly run by women, with 90% of our employees being female. We intentionally focus on female-run households and aim to provide a gender-appropriate and supportive sustainable workplace for them. We also support them with home-owning opportunities. We work closely with provincial and district administrations and government authorities to provide assistance to the elderly and to vulnerable families in the communities our cashmere is sourced from.

Dehaired cashmere

To procure and prepare our high-quality and sustainable cashmere, we have established raw material collection representatives in the majority of Mongolian provinces (Khuvsgul, Zavkhan, Sukhbaatar, Khentii, Arkhangai, Dornogovi, Govi-Altai, Dornod, Bayankhongor and Uvurkhangai). We’ve also introduced environmentally friendly organic cleaning protocols into our production process and offer organic products to our customers for them to use in initial fiber processing. These products meet the requirements of the European Union’s Chemical Records, Evaluation, Permission and Restrictions standards (REACH) for the primary production of wool and cashmere. Our factory annually exports 1000 tons of dehaired cashmere that meet the requirements of quality control standard MNS ISO 9001:2015 and exports with international standard packaging and labels.