Khanbogd Cashmere has been pursuing various kinds of voluntary work for Mongolian herders every year. Within this framework, Khanbogd Cashmere ensured that around 40,000 goats received vaccinations and oral anthelmintics in 2021, all free of charge. In addition, in 2022 it supplied hay and mineral licks, manufactured in Germany, for over 40,000 goats. As part of our group promise, BOGD is setting a 3,000 vaccination goal for 2023 on top of Khanbogd’s 300,000 goal. 

In partnership with the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Korean Impact Business Leader, Khanbogd has established the Korea Mongolia Cashmere Innovation Centre (KMCIC) for training and education within the cashmere industry.  

The Centre aims to provide more training and seminars for the Mongolian wool and cashmere industry, including herders and producers, to support the education of workers, increase incomes and contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry. 

In October 2018, 90 million MNT was spent in the Bogd district of the Bayankhongor province to build fully equipped children’s playgrounds, and in 2020 we provided families in the Bogd district with yurts to ensure a better and safer quality of living. We’ve also built livestock watering tanks, dug wells and planted trees in the Umnudelger district of the Khentii province and the Bogd district of the Bayankhongor province.